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  • Material: BP3 on Gold
  • Size: 10×10×0.5 mm
  • Orientation: (111)
  • Structure: Cubic Close Packing
  • Lattice Constant: a = 4.08 Å
  • Type/Dopant:
  • Film Growth Method: Gas Phase Deposition
  • Melting Temperature: 1064˚C
  • Debye Temperature (at 14GkPa): -104.15 ˚C ±18 ˚C [Ref. 7]
  • Surface Debye Temperature: Unpublished
  • Characterization Tool: LEED-AES
  • Model BDL800IR
  • UHV Treatment: Annealing at 90˚C (estimated temperature of sample) for 12 hours
  • Applications: Sunscreen and plastic additive

Courtesy of M. Kazempoor and Dr. G. Pirug, Forschungszentrum Juelich, Germany.

LEED Pattern after Deposition and Annealing:

BP3 on Au (111) LEED Pattern 69eV
BP3 on Au (111) LEED Pattern 69eV

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