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LEED AES with Gain Power of Microchannel Plates


Models BDL800IR-MCP and BDL600IR-MCP

Conventional back-display LEED-AES spectrometer featuring unique design and performance.


  • High Image Sensitivity at the Primary Beam Current - 50pA
  • Single/Dual 75mm Microchannel Plates
  • Miniature Electron Gun with Double Focusing
  • AES at Beam Current 50µA - 10µA
  • Integral Motion & Shutter
  • Suitable for ESDIAD

Brochure Download (PDF):

Download the BDL-800IR-MCP & BDL-600IR-MCP Brochure (PDF)


Miniature Electron Gun

  • Beam Energy: 5eV - 3000eV
  • Beam Current: from 20pA to 200nA
  • Beam Size: 100 - 250microns, double focusing mode
  • Electron Source: Thoriated Tungsten/ Single crystal LaB6
  • Energy Spread: 0.45eV / 0.25eV
  • Lenses: Einzel lens configuration with double focusing
  • Lens Material: Gold plated Cu base alloy
  • Overall Sizes: 10mm lens diameter and 80mm length

Precision Power Supplies

  • Model LPS300 / 075-MCP: Controller with energy range for electron gun: 0 - 3kV and 0 - 750V and analogue computer control port
  • Model MCPS2: Controller for channelplates with overvoltage and overcurrent protection
  • Model LOA10-AES: Digital AES controller with lock-in amplifier and software for Auger Electron Spectroscopy

Imaging & Energy Analyzer Section

  • Retarding Field Energy Analyzer: 4 or 3 hemispherical grid configuration with energy resolution down to 0.2% and Moire pattern reduction
  • Grid Material: Tungsten with 82% transmission and coating reducing background
  • Microchannel Plate: 80mm working area, 25microns pore
  • Single Plate .....: electron gain - 103 - 104, spatial resolution - 25microns
  • Chevron .....: electron gain - 106 - 107, spatial resolution - 35microns
  • Glass Display: Fused silica flat plate coated with indium-tin oxide and P31 phosphor, 77° solid angle of view
  • Working Distance: 15mm
  • Magnetic Shielding: Mu-metal tube with front plate (142mm O.D.)
  • Integral Linear Motion: up to 100mm retraction with rotary motion drive
  • Integral Linear Shutter: Front mounted disk with rotary motion drive
  • Mounting: 8" (CF150) or 6" ( CF100) double sided conflat flange
  • Monitoring: Standard viewport
  • Bakeability: Under vacuum - 250°C max.


Download BDL800IR-MCP schematics in PDF format.