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LEED / Auger (AES) Spectrometer BDL800IR

Model BDL800IR and BDL600IR with Integral Shutter

Conventional back-display LEED-AES spectrometer featuring unique design and performance:


  • High energy & image resolution for LEED and AES
  • Miniature electron gun with double focusing
  • Suitable For "Insitu" Growth Monitoring
  • Integral linear motion and shutter
  • Low outgassing rate

Brochure Download (PDF):

Download the BDL-800IR & BDL-600IR Brochure (PDF)



  • Glass-display: Fused silica coated with indium-tin oxide conductive layer and P31 phosphor (ZnS:Ag:Cu-green, 525nm wavelength)
  • BDL600IR: 90° angle of acceptance from sample at a distance of 50mm
  • BDL800IR: 100° angle of acceptance from sample at a distance of 75mm
  • Retarding Field Analyzer: Concentric assembly of hemispherical grids
  • BDL600IR: Working distance from sample 15mm
  • BDL800IR: Working distance from sample 18mm
  • Grid material: Gold coated tungsten wire mesh (100 mesh, 81% transparency)
  • Energy Resolution: 0.2% - 0.5% at low modulation volt.
  • Monitoring: 6" or 8" standard viewport
  • Linear motion: up to 150mm retraction from sample (100mm standard); linear ball bearing and acme thred with all spring electr. connections
  • Integral Shutter: Open and close at any position of the linear motion
  • Magnetic shielding: Mu-metal cylinder with front cover for maximum attenuation
  • Assembly: Extreme-high-vacuum compatibility with stainless steel, high alumina and Au-plated copper alloy materials
  • Mounting: 6"(CF100) or 8"(CF150) double sided conflat flange with sample distance 145mm - 500mm
  • Bakeability: Under vacuum, 250°C maximum

Integral Miniature Electron Gun

  • Beam energy system: LEED - 5eV to 750eV AES to 3000eV
  • Beam current: LEED - 2µA at 100eV and 0.5mm beam size AES - up to 100µA at 3keV
  • Beam size: from 1mm to 250µm - adjusted by Wehnelt potential, limited by exchangeable aperture down to 50µm
  • Electron source: Tungsten-2% Thoriated filament standard, single crystal LaB6 filament optional
  • Energy spread: 0.45eV (thoriated - tungsten filament)
  • Overall sizes: 10mm lense diameter and 80mm length

Ordering Guide:

  • BDL800IR-CP: Complete LEED-Auger package with 8" flange (incl. LMX, ISH, V800, LPS300, LOA10-AES, LIM08)
  • BDL600IR-CP: Complete LEED-Auger package with 6" flange (incl. LMX, ISH, V600, LPS300, LOA10-AES, LIM08)
  • BDL800IR: LEED optics with integral electron gun on 8" flange (Specify 3 or 4 grid)
  • BDL600IR: LEED optics with integral electron gun on 6" flange (Specify 3 or 4 grid)
  • LMX: Linear motion (X = retraction distance)
  • ISH: Integral shutter
  • LAB6: directly heated single crystal LaB6 filament
  • V800: 8" viewport
  • V600: 6" viewport
  • LPS075: Power supply with voltage range 0 - 750V
  • LPS300: Power supply with voltage range 0 - 3kV
  • AES-Ser: AES software for external Lock-in Ampl.
  • LIM08: LEED imaging software with CCD camera, full version
  • LIM08B:LEE D imaging software with CCD camera, basics version
  • LOA10-AES: Digital AES controller with ramp voltage, sinewave oscillator . lock-in and AES software
  • LOA100: External Lock-in Amplifier
  • RVO: Ramp Voltage and Oscillator