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Series ADP200 with Sample Load Lock

UHV Spectroscopy System ADP200 Series with Sample Load Lock - Industrial LEED and AES Depth Profiler Series
UHV Spectroscopy System ADP200 Series with Sample Load Lock

Industrial LEED and AES Depth Profiler

Nano-scale measurements of elemental composition on thin films and alloys

Analytical system based on LEED and Auger Electron Spectroscopy and Argon ion sputtering for composition and thickness depth profiling of thin films and alloys


  • Sub-nanometer precision for atomic structures, composition and thickness
  • Analysis of wide range of samples
  • Semi-automatic operation


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Download Brochure

Download the ADP200 Series Brochure (PDF)


Series ADP200 Industrial LEED and AES Depth Profiler

AES Analyzer
  • Analyzer Type: retarding field analyzer with coaxial electron gun
  • Energy Resolution: less than 0.5 %
  • Working Distance: 10 mm
  • Detector: channel Electron Multiplier with 1x107 - 108 gain range
  • Mounting Flange: 4.5 " O.D. standard CF flange (NW63CF)
Electron Gun
  • Type: double electrostatic lenses with adjustable focal length and beam diameter
  • Beam Voltage: 0 to 3 kV
  • Beam Current: up to 50 FA
  • Beam Diameter: up to 800 Fm
  • Filament: tungsten hairpin wire
  • Magnetic Shielding: Mu-metal tube with front cover
Ion Sputtering Gun
  • Ion Source: Electron impact ionization in magnetic field
  • Ionization Cathode: Tungsten - rhenium filament
  • directly mounted on the 70 mm O.D. CF flange
  • Beam Current: up to 10 uA
  • Beam Energy: 0 - 3.0 keV
  • Beam Size: from 5 to 25 mm in diameter
  • Beam Uniformity: Less than 5%
  • Gas Input: Direct gas input to ion source via leak valve
  • Mounting: 23/4" (70 mm ) O.D. CF flange
Sample Handling
  • Sample size: from 10 - 20 mm size
  • Sample loading: single sample loading
  • Sample transfer: linear magnetic sample transfer
Vacuum System
  • Chamber: UHV compatible 100 mm welded chamber ( 304 L stainless steel)
  • Vacuum Pumps: 60 l/sec ion pump and 50 l/sec turbomolecur pump backed by fore pump
  • Gauging: wide range gauges
  • Vacuum Compatibility: all UHV materials
  • Bakeability: under vacuum 250 °C max.