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LEED Image Analysis System

Model LIM12

Containing low light integration CCD camera, imaging and analysis software, and ambient light cover.


  • Integrated image acquisition and beam energy control on regular and zoomed images
  • Measurements on live or saved images
  • Lattice constant calculations
  • Spot Intensity profile with fine adjustment
  • Manual and automatic I-V, I-t and Spot Profile measurements
  • Subtraction and addition of images


  • LEED pattern viewing with instant beam voltage control and integration time at zoom x1, x2, x4 or x8
  • control of the integration time of CCD camera up to 2 sec. for low intensity images
  • automatic LEED pattern acquisition to the hard disc for pre-set range of electron beam voltages
  • video input conditioning
  • integrated software for full control of LEED controller LPS075-D or LPS300-D
  • spot intensity and x-y position measurements at cursor position on live LEED pattern
  • lattice constant and angle calculation for selected diffraction spots with pre-set LEED instrument parameters
  • intensity profile plotting
  • setting the (0,0) spot position for normal electron beam configuration
  • addition and subtraction of images
  • image zooming (x2, x4 and x8)
  • sequential image saving and retrieval
  • automatic I-V spectra calculation with background subtraction on saved or live LEED patterns
  • manual I-V spectra calculation with background subtraction for set of saved LEED pattern with zoomed spot viewing
  • automatic I-t plot measurements for live LEED patterns
  • automatic Spot Profile measurements during I-V analysis
  • reliability R- factor calculation for I-V spectra
  • Windows 10
  • beam energy value saved to each LEED pattern
  • automatic memorization of last operator settings
  • images saved in Windows TIFF format
  • measurements saved in ASCII text file format
  • writing text on the image

Hardware Specifications

  • 12-bit colour high performance video CCD camera with sensitivity control and USB3.1 interface
  • 1/3” CCD sensor size, image size: 1.3 MP (1288x964), 3.75 μm pixel size, CS-mount lenses
  • Linear Full Well: 9000e-, Dynamic Range: 59 dB
  • camera holder mounting kit for 8"CF (CF150), 6"CF (CF100) or 4.5"CF (CF63) flange with adjustable camera position and ambient light cover
  • USB interface with integrated software for full control of LPS075-D or LPS300-D
  • DAC control for analog LEED controllers with 16-bit digital to analog converter (0-10V output) and serial RS232/ USB communication with PC computer
  • Windows 10 operating system, 2GB RAM, 100GB Hard Disk or better
MultiLEED - LEED Image Analysis System Software.