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Fempto-LEED with Integral Shutter Model DLD-L800

Fempto-LEED with Integral Shutter: Model DLD-L800
Fempto-LEED with Integral Shutter: Model DLD-L800

Nano-scale measurements of surface periodic structures with fempto-ampere electron probe.


  • Fully digital: no fluorescent screen
  • Large coherence width
  • Primary electron beam in the range of fempto-ampers
  • Powerful operation with digital LEED controller
  • Fempto-LEED makes electron diffraction on insulating single crystal possible

Brochure Download (PDF):

Download the Model DLD-L800-ISH Brochure (PDF)


LEED Optics (Model DLD-L800)

  • Detector: Delay Line Detector with dynamic range 32 bit per channel, 75 microns spacial resolution and active area 145x145mm
  • DLD-L800 .....: 77° angle of acceptance from sample
  • Microchannel Plates .....: Electron gain: 107, operating in pulsed mode
  • Retarding Field Analyzer: Concentric assembly of hemispherical grids
  • DLD-L800 .....: Working distance from sample 15mm
  • Grid Material ...: Gold coated tungsten wire mesh
  • ( 100 mesh, 81% transparency)
  • Energy Resolution .....: 0.2%
  • Linear Motion: External nipple with below up to 150mm retraction
  • Integral Shutter: Open and close at any position of the linear motion
  • Magnetic Shielding: Mu-metal cylinder with front cover for maximum attenuation
  • Assembly: Extreme-high-vacuum compatibility with stainless steel, high alumina and Au-plated copper alloy materials
  • Mounting: 8" (CF150) conflat flange with
  • sample distance 145mm - 580mm
  • Bakeability: Under vacuum, 250°C maximum

Integral Miniature Electron Gun

  • Beam Energy: LEED - 5eV to 750eV
  • Beam Current: Range from nA to fA
  • Beam Size: From 250mm to 50µm - adjusted by Wehnelt voltage
  • Electron Source: Tungsten-2%Thoriated filament standard
  • Energy Spread: 0.45eV (tungsten filament)
  • Overall Size: 10mm lens diameter and 80mm length


Download DLD-L800-ISH v3 Schematics in PDF format.

Ordering Guide:

  • DLD-L800: LEED optics with 2 microchannel plates delay line detector and axial electron on 8" CF ( CF150) flange
  • ISH: Integral shutter
  • LPS075-D: Power supply with voltage range 0 - 750V and digital control
  • MCPS2: Controller for microchannel plates with overvoltage and overcurrent protection
  • DLA-TR8: Controller for delay line detector and computer interface PCI card card
  • DLD-LIM32: Delay line detector acquisition software and LEED analysis software for Windows 2000/XP