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Electron Gun

EG10-XY Series

Miniature Electron Gun 10 mm Diameter with Dual Lenses and Low Outgassing

Model EG10-XY is a precision low energy electron source emitted from thermionic cathode and formed by double focusing lenses. This model is designed for the wide energy range from 5 eV to 3000 eV with high coherence capability.


  • Miniature lens design
  • Variable beam diameter
  • Variable beam energy
  • Low outgassing rate
  • Flexible mounting configuration
  • Customization capability


The applications include electron diffraction, excitation source for Auger electrons and photons, and other surface and atomic physics experiments.


For seamless integration, 3D step files are available for all models.

Schematic - Electron Gun Model EG10-XY.

Key Specifications

For specifications, ordering guide and power supply, download the brochure below.