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Electron Gun

G10 Series

The miniature electron gun G10 series’ small size gives it flexible mounting configuration abilities along with easy fitting to any system. The electron gun is equipped with a thoriated tungsten filament that has an operating energy range of 5 – 3000 eV.


  • Miniature lens design
  • Variable beam diameter
  • Variable beam energy
  • Low outgassing rate
  • Flexible mounting configuration


The miniature size of the Electron Gun G10 series allows it to easily fit to any UHV system. It is a convenient tool for many applications especially LEED and AES experiments.


For seamless integration, 3D step files are available for all models.

Key Specifications

For detailed specifications, please check Downloads below.

Mounting Unmounted or mounted on 2 ¾ “ CF flange with Mu-metal shielding
Bakeability Under vacuum, 250 °C maximum
Integral Miniature Electron Gun
Beam energy Low Energy Mode: 5 eV to 750eV
Beam energy High Energy Mode: 5 eV to 3000eV
Beam current Low Energy Mode: 2 µA at 100 eV and 0.5mm beam size
Beam current High Energy Mode: up to 80 µA at 3 keV
Beam size from 1mm to 250 µm - adjusted by Wehnelt potential, limited by exchangeable aperture down to 50 µm
Electron source Tungsten-2% thoriated filament standard, 
single crystal LaB6 filament optional
Energy spread 0.45 eV (thoriated - tungsten filament)
Beam deflection (optional) X-Y, two pairs of independent electrostatic deflection plates
Overall size 10mm lens diameter and 80mm length
Target distances 40 to 60mm from the end of the gun
Filament light Below 0.01 lux protection against escaping the filament light (back and side of gun lenses)

Configuration Guide

LaB6 filament (model LaB6), X-Y deflection plates, unmounted/mounted are further options.