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Auger Data Acquisition Software v5.0


  • Data acquisition and control of Lock-in ampl.
  • Scan voltage and modulation amplitude control
  • Serial port (RS 232) communication with Lock-in
  • Data processing and plotting
  • Data base of sensitivity factors for RFA analyzer
  • Composition calculation based on the simple model

Download Auger Data Acquisition Software Brochure (PDF)

LEED image analysis system software.
LEED Image Analysis System Software


  • data acquisition from LOA10-AES or lock-in via serial RS232 port
  • control of lock-in functions: sensitivity, time constant, phase and harmonic
  • control of scan voltage by setting: start voltage, end voltage and scan rate (connection with AUS200 required)
  • control of modulation voltage by analog voltage setting to internal oscillator (connection to LOA10 or AUS200 required)
Measurements And Processing
  • real time plot of Auger signal v.s Energy on computer monitor
  • signal numerical values monitoring
  • one window plot of 10 different AES spectra
  • calibration of the Energy scale
  • measurements of relative values of the signal
  • manual peak selection for composition calibration with verification of selection
  • composition calculation based on selected peaks and data base of relative sensitivity factors
  • zoom in/out of the selected section of the plot
  • AES spectra printing with Lock-in and spectrometer settings
  • text writing and editing on the AES spectrum
  • Windows 98/NT/2000/XP operating system
  • automatic memorization of last operator settings
  • standard export file: ASCII
  • editing data base file for instrument calibration
  • separate utility software to test connection of serial RS232 port

Hardware Specifications:

Lock-in Amplifier :
  • model LOA10-AES
  • model SR510/810 from Stanford Research Instruments
  • other lock-in on special request
High Voltage Ramp Generator:
  • Model LOA10-AES or LPS300AES or AUS200 with internal modulation oscillator
  • other units on special request
Computer minimum requirements:
  • Pentium III / IV or faster
  • 128 MB RAM
  • standard serial communication and parallel ports
  • monitor resolution: 1024x768
Shipping kit includes:

Installation CD, manual, 3-mm long RS 232 serial communication cable.